Thursday, November 5, 2009

Free Time

This is happened when i'm done with my second paper exam. end up at 5.30, and rushing, screaming, praying, bullshitting, and boring. nothing to do with facebook, twitter, finallly i got some inspiration of creating something new in my gallery. its all about the photoshop. doing some fcuking pose for sure, captured and its ready to be created. With all brand new haircut, (bald) they come. enjoy yourself

Not very the first step,
this effect called sharpen edge

copy_paste the various colour of
KRL Brand
reduce oppacity to 50%

make myself justify
add some glowing effect
cover some unwanted
glowing effect
the font for sure
My Design, My Style

Finally done. so glad to have this. and its all ready to upload in social network. dont know how long it will be stay... but for sure untill my new idea comes to my mind.


Zulhelmi said...

haha rajin lak mengedit2 nih

kaprileader said...

free time aq cakap


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