Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Already heard of Geylang?? It’s a place in Singapore where most Malays live here. Its like Kampung baru in Malaysia lah.

By the way, this is the view before arriving in Geylang.

this is where the place u can play casino if u want soon.

 ferris wheel on spore!

what i want to show u guys here is the zigzag line along this road. the rule is looks similar to yellow-double lined in M'sia but the only different is it is strictly no parking or even stop for 1 minute.. (to avoid jam of course)

ahha! now we've arrived! look how they arrange their good. pack but systematic. i'll show u closer image.

see?? this is among the cheapest jersey u can buy in spore. just for info, double up the price bring u price in M'sia in Ringgit.

now we are going to the mall to better than this place across this beautiful bridge.

at the middle of the bridge.

here we are.. my first expression here is, for the Johorian, its looks close to plaza Kotaraya. 

spore malay's style maybe..

the white colour pant is just nice..

their bag were really stylo for me.

take a break! have some air mate kucing with cost $1.80!

 now we are going back.... da~~~~~~


athirah fauzi said...

ko mmg suke warna2 dgn bende2 kemas ni kan.
btw, singapore bersih.

kaprileader said...

mmg tu la ikon spore
mne x ny,
kantoi buang rate2 kne saman


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