Friday, June 11, 2010

1 Goal... Education for all..


world cup had just started..  this time i wanna share with you my fav team, fav player, and team that might be win this world cup.

since 2006, a four star badge Italy should be proud of their winning. i still remember the match that i watch which is almost every match is winner is decided by a penalty shout-out. i hope this time it won't happen again. 

Euro champion shows their own style of playing by keep the ball on their possession and not easily let the ball gone to the opponent side. attacking is very dangerous mostly by a through pass and a long ball of coarse. leading by a several stars, this team would be my fav team of all time..

i suspect that Holland might be the winner of this year world cup. why?? i really respect the teamwork of their team. they are balance for attacking and a defensive.. their star were not always appear on the newspaper headline. they are very humble outside of the game..

fernando torres is just recover from injury since april at liverpool.. by his strong determination, very fast, work hard player, that couldn't be a factor that affect the style of his playing..

im not a football commentator but every person should have their own opinion to share with. so this is what im talking about this great FIFA World Cup at SOUTH AFRIcA 2010

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