Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cupcakes Fiesta 2010

It's been a 2 days since i start working on it. it's already finished up and ready to be email to the customer.
the task is simple. create an a4 wallpaper size basically on the cupcakes. its a country concept, so i use a major pattern use in a country's house which is a red and white colour. 

this is my artwork, originally.
*except for the cakes!

That's it!
this is a copyright. any reproduction of this image is illegal. 
i could be proud if u save this image as....


athirah fauzi said...

laaaaaaah. mati2 aku ingat kau buat cupcake untuk mak kau dekat twitter.

kaprileader said...

ko egt aq chef wan??

misz_eyla said...

bukan chef adzwan ke?


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