Sunday, August 22, 2010

Discover The Ability

haloo!! guten tag! Ich bin kaprileader. Und sie??

( hello!! good day! im kaprileader. and you )

*what am i talking about (^&%^#&&^)

today lesson is about creating a simple grayscale wallpaper.
generally, it consists of 2 layers. 1) radial gradient 2) metal plate-like box
for this graphic, i tried to make a remarkable wallpaper.
well defined position will make the picture balanced either color or the spaces.
a drop shadows always create a nice 3D effect to make your layer realistic.

3 cold colors wallpaper.
brushes usage will help you create an unexpected image on the canvas.
the hardest part is u have to deal with a selection, position, and the size.
bother the color. its your own choices. i just found a gas mask in a library. 

music in me
warp the logo is a challenge for this image.
its hard to warp it around so it will look like wrapping around the curves.
skew and distort will never help you in this process.

the best part is, the button looks like really appear. =P  

a hand job from 7.00 till 10.00 am
*just cant sleep though

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