Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Seine brandneue!

i have already finished in designing an own blogger background. im very proud to see them but the pixel get me wrong here. its sometimes hard to adjust it because it is deal with the repetition of upload..

this is a background that i use for the trial..
to download it, you can try to search Classic music through a phobucket webpage.

this is just a start of the creation. maybe i can take a request to create your background but you must pay first

i still save the html code that  i use to generate this picture...
if u will to change em, u need ti sacrifice a little couple of days in front of your laptop and of course, a very high speed wireless / broadband line. 

the idea start to develop when i found a videos on how to create your own background. you can watch it via my twitter acc that i share.

let see how its look like originally from a jpg format..

there it is! im still using the same theme though!



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