Monday, November 22, 2010

Singapore trip

hey guys!! ive been not updated my blog so long so, im sorry for the BW, comments, and any of the relevant responses.. 

since now im holiday, so ill take u guys to take a look at a singapore view. at my sight. not much pictures actually but, this message u have to know when u arrived in singapore..

* can u see that?? there's one in a million! i can see kancil in a row of singaporean cars!! beside it we have toyota, suzuki, nissan ( i think its like a perodua in singapore due to its quantity), and lots of Mitsubishi.... ( u'll get bored to see them here)..

*its actually in front of my relative house.. this is a standard flat that singaporean lives.. nothing more than a cleanliness.. 

the parking lot. limited space. if u gonna have an overnight and returned with no parking, park at the double lines will cost u almost hundred ringgit.(for one night)... if 3 cars park there?? how about in 3 weeks? a month?? singapore gain their money from it maybe.. (singaporean, explain it to me)


hiDAyah_muRNi said...

woh. clean and clear. flat macam hotel..

KRL kaprileader said...

flat dorg harga da std mcm teres 2 storey kt Msia...

and teres 2 storey harga std mcm banglo yb kt Msia..



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