Monday, November 2, 2009

My day have suck with u

there's nothin' related to this image actually. today, my first final exam in the univrsty. not like im already expected. i thought it seems similarly like matric's style u know. calculator's case put under the table, together with your phone, and a proper attire etc. in fact, its look like just a simple test but do it together with other faculty members.. quite relaxing anyway... but! here when 'hate' going through my mind. its shutting calculus.. i guess when given time 3 hours is long enough. so i done it slowly, properly and u know what im doin' draft for it! i know its not an essay but i never done it before.. at the end i found examiners stood up 'harmonically' and what am i thinkin' is "whats going on?" members beside start looking at the pretty cute watch in front and know i notice that there still 2 more questions not answered yet! damn it! its not including in my draft man! please someone stop the time at that moment?? its fuckin crazy to rush all those things. what i've done man.. i need at least half over 100 to pass! come on.. dont do that...

i have to find my way back
next becoming papers is not so easy
i have to find my determination
to backup my disappointing act before
what i have to do now
download 3 sets of past years
do it by myself
not to find the final answer, but
know what i've got to do when
problems comes in
'u know what'
tired of study for today
and now
there's come this post

written by
dissapointed person

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