Monday, December 7, 2009

Welcome to Singapore

Ive never been in Singapore more than 10 years according to my mom. But I think ive never been there. Now I wanna share with u my journey to Singapore for a whole day. Ive prepared my passport at 1.00p.m after a long queuing from 7.15 a.m. Feels like a *******. 

See that green lane?? I think this is my first time I saw a green lane like this. Its still in Malaysia actually.

After all, I goes to Woodlands. A place in Singapore where it seems similarly like a Imigresyen of Malaysia.

That is the Gerbang Perdana building situated in Johor Bahru.

Now we are going to the MalaysiaSingapore border. Here u can see a very huge pipe along this road.


Slow down… we are very closed to the Singapore checkpoint.

Here we are~~ Welcome to Singapore!


1 comment:

Zulhelmi said...

fuh terbaik. aku pun dah lama tak gerak negeri seberang. nak pergi lagi.


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