Sunday, August 29, 2010


Let the battle begins!

first of all take a look at the overall performance and see how far your computer can running through.

Next, we go to the gaming performances.. 
for those who didnt like game so much, u can use this statistic to see your graphic performances.
which mean your pictures and your graphic image quality.

for the engineering, architecture, and designer
better look at this carefully.
your AutoCAD, Adobe, and Media software would refer to this stats.

let put this to a conclusion.
this is what i am thinking after read through all of the above stats.

generally, for overall performance (gaming, graphic, system speed, etc)
the winner might be Inter Core i7
it suite for all type of computer user than use their pc / laptop frequently during work, study.

but, as the gamers know, AMD precessor is the big winner.

So, which one of your laptop side???
AMD ??? Intel??

*dont you know that when u use intel processor, which graphic card suite to it??
answer is Nvidia 
*how about AMD??
answer is Ati Radeon..

to see the details at your computer, go to the properties at your laptop / pc
and click at the windows index experiences. ( 0 < X < 8 ) pts.
*blue underlined number

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