Saturday, September 25, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

It's task number 2 today! In the requirements: tell us which App from the iTunes App Store that you have seen/tried out is your favourite, and why.

Well, since I don't own an iPhone, I usually play games from my sister's iPhone and often heard some feedbacks from her about the applications. Among the few applications I've tested on my sister's iPhone, I think Angry Birds is my favourite application under the games category.

The reason is because the characters (birds) in this game are very cute! Not to mention the ability to hit/bang/bomb/boomerang those pigs and the Piglord! Hahaha! It took me not more than one day to finish the whole thing and I can tell you, once you get the hold of this game, you'll be very much addicted to it!

How do you play this game? Well, it's quite similar to an online game that was once famous many years back - Gunbound. Heard before? Basically, the angry birds serve as ammunitions and you 'fire' them so that they penetrates the barriers and hit the pigs (pun not intended)! Very very amusing! And I think it's in one of the must-buy top games in the App Store. Sister got the whole version of it! xD

Not just that! The weapons (birds) come in different abilities! I personally like the black colour one. It bombs everything away. Haha! And the noises made by the birds are just hilarious! It goes something like..."Wheeeeee!" and "Woo-Hoo!" Again, pun is not intended!

Another application that I like under the games category is the Street Fighter 4!

My friend has this game on his iPhone and I play with it everytime! What makes it so nice is that it brought back my childhood memories, where last time I used to play Street Fighter with the Play Station or using the computer. Now, the technologies are so modern that it has the controller directly inside the iPhone! No external hardwares required!

In this game, players can choose from plenty of characters: Ken, Ryu, Chun-Li, Bison, Cammy, Abel and so on. And the skills are almost exactly the same. Just that, maybe the initiation of skills are slightly different. Oh, and did I mention that this application supports 2 players as well? You can play this game with another iPhone user! Neat huh?

Well, that's all about my favourites for the game applications. Let's move on to something more productive that everyone can use in a daily basis. My sister bragged about her iPhone that she can do this, she can do that with all these applications and what not. What really caught my attention is the WhatsApp application from iTunes App Store.

What is WhatsApp? Well, instead of sending smses that charges your monthly bill, you could send messages using WhatsApp, which actually uses only your fixed monthly data. In layman's term means sending messages through the use of 3G internet, or maybe your wireless internet. This is great! Don't you think so?

Besides that, WhatsApp automatically detects your contacts who uses this application too! Not just that, it also allows iPhone users to communicate to BlackBerry users too! Android is currently releasing the beta version of it, so probably short messages can be sent to Android users as well. =D

Well, maybe sometimes you might feel bored and need something to kill time? Fear not! Because App Store has this application called Charadium! It's similar to an online web game called iSketch or the board game called Pictionary.

So what is this about? You know charades? It's a multi-player game where one acts/shows signs and expressions while the others guess the correct word the person is imitating. iPhone users around the world join this game together in many many rooms and each players take turns to draw, and the rest of the players guess what the person is drawing. It's a very imaginative game and it helps to improve our English language too!

Well, that's all for today's task! There are over 250,000 applications in the App Store and I believe each and every one of them is unique in its own way. Kudos to the iTunes App Store for standing strong, being in the top most application downloads compared to others!

And not to forget, DiGi for providing smooth 3G internet to make iPhone works even better!

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