Monday, December 5, 2011

Fixie Daily: Why Fixie is HOT ?

Another daily updated blog !! I need to ZAP this blog up so google can finally get this daily blog indexed.
Second blog of Fixie Daily Zap will be about the reasons that fixie is popular right now.

One of the reasons is the subculture factor. Like skateboarding, riding a fixie daily is cool and people want to resemble a bunch of daily fixie riders.

Other reason is that Fixie is very attractive. Fixie has a clean look and it is light. Moreover, you can zap up your Fixie whatever you want because of its endless customization. You can zap your Fixie daily if you want to.

Lastly, riding Fixie is cool. You can ride around your block and you can do zappy tricks with your friends. But writing this Fixie Daily Zap blog is totally lame.


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